stairs of knowledge

stairs of knowledge

At the university I got exited by the shadows on the ceiling above stairs. I spent half of my lunch break waiting for peeps to walk on the right spot. Sometimes point and shoot technique is not good enough, and one really has to put some effort to get the right moment captured. And yet there is also a lot of luck or  more likely coincidence involved. If standing long enough in a crowded room, there will come moments when peeps form groups interesting enough.

On this post I also test what is the difference between WordPress “normal” and “picture” formats.


careful with that axe

I started to use Advanced Tone Mapping script for GIMP. I discovered it actually works like so called fake HDR effects. As a result one gets ghostly aura around edges, which I call as a “grief edge” (black border) often used in death notices. So, although the amount of effect can be increased with the ‘Copies of merged layer’ setting, I strongly advice to keep it within 1 to 2. Continue reading