Name the band!

I decided to participate to MyOpera's Name the band! contest. Finding the songs was easy, to be sure they are what required is not. Fun part was to seek some curiosities to all of those songs. I must say I learned a lot. Most of the songs were familiar but usually one just listens them and do not think the stories behind the songs. In the contest rules it is required to tell the name of the artist(s), song title and reference to Opera press release where the song names were found. I went through the article from start to end. So, I have all songs here in same order as they appeared in the article. Moreover, I provide link to Wikipedia article on the title. Then the curiosities comes in the text. I feel reluctant to embed any illustrations or videos made by others on my blog. Therefore I give you some illustration of my own from the monkey business series I had at 365 Photos group last year. Please do check all those links I give and have fun :up: …

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