Welcome to my blog here at WorPress.com. I’m a passionate amateur photographer and I take pictures every day. Therefore most of my articles are about photography. You may find some older posts imported from MyOpera community, where I refer to some other MyOpera pages and contents. After March 1st 2014 those links will stop working. On links page you’ll find what else I do around World Wide Web.

My work: I’m working as a teacher at the University Tampere, Finland.

I’m passionate about: Helping other people

I don’t like: Spam, copyright infringements and inappropriate materials

Software I use:  Opera, Chromium, GIMP, DropBox, Vignette, Camera 360, PicSay Pro, WeatherBug, RealCalc etc.

Hardware I use: Asus Eee PC 901, Canon G12, Olympus E450 etc.