stairs of knowledge

stairs of knowledge

At the university I got exited by the shadows on the ceiling above stairs. I spent half of my lunch break waiting for peeps to walk on the right spot. Sometimes point and shoot technique is not good enough, and one really has to put some effort to get the right moment captured. And yet there is also a lot of luck or  more likely coincidence involved. If standing long enough in a crowded room, there will come moments when peeps form groups interesting enough.

On this post I also test what is the difference between WordPress “normal” and “picture” formats.


8 thoughts on “stairs of knowledge

  1. I don’t typically think of shadows as being cast on ceilings, so this is very interesting lighting.

    Bob and I often drive one, two or sometimes three hours to get to a hiking destination where we will snap photos while we are there. Often I have looked at a place and thought how the lighting would be better if I could be at that place at a different time or under different weather conditions. But given the length of the drive, that’s not really convenient, so I just have to learn to appreciate all kinds of lighting and weather conditions. 🙂

    • Thanks to low winter light this was possible, to get shadows on the wall.

      Yes, weather makes all the difference on available light. But on sunny days I quite often find myself shooting against the light. Makes the shots somehow very interesting.

      • I really like this. It’s sort of like you are viewing people on another planet. It seems as if the sunlight is shining down on the concrete outside, then casting light up on the ceiling, then combines with the shadows.

        I so much wanted to take a few night shots when I went to a gallery exhibit in downtown Fargo, but the weather was just too cold. Couldn’t even manage to maneuver my hand into my purse to get the crummy ‘throw away’ camera. It was below zero, don’t even remember what the temp was exactly. When the temp gets back up higher than 20 degrees, I’ll go outside again.

      • You need warm clothes Pam. That is what Norwegians say: “There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.”

      • I think you are right. Luckily I had my lambswool French beret on so my head and ears were warm, a wool scarf around my neck, but didn’t have good socks or gloves. Two dollar gloves just won’t cut it in this type of weather. Will get to the store this weekend unless we have more snow.

  2. That’s an atmospheric shot and you’re right that sometimes a bit of effort is required. I have to be patient with my foxes a lot of the time!


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