Pay or die

I have considered my options to continue on social media after MyOpera community closes. I have already payed several euros per year for domain name and server space I hardly use at all. Now I consider paying that and little extra for, and let them host my blog. That would at least solve two of my problems. The question is: Do I really write on blogs often enough? In other words, is it worth to pay for?

Then the other problem is what to do with Shoot & Tell photography group? In the middle of most busy time of the year, me and my friends would need to figure out where (if anywhere) we should reopen the group, and hopefully make our members to follow us.

We have considered Flickr, Google+,, Ipernity, ShutterChance and DeviantArt but there simply does not seem to be a place like MyOpera has been. Flickr and Google+ are too bloated, full of all kinds of unwanted features, and are just not suitable for publishing photo diaries shared by group. is way too complex for group members, and their free account does not provide enough space. Ipernity has way too strict terms of use for free accounts. ShutterChance does not seem to have groups at all. And DeviantArt is just too full of advertisements.

I personally feel myself rather exhausted and desperate. I don’t know what else to do? Or what other stones to kick around in hope of finding something new. With money one would of course get almost anything done, but that is unfortunately not an option.


2 thoughts on “Pay or die

  1. Why not make a single WordPress-based website, either on or some paid hosting account, and invite all your friends from Shoot&Tell to make accounts there? You can mark them as authors, then they can all post on the same blog — or different blogs, for that matter. As for getting enough storage, you can ask them to chip in with a few dollars now and then, it’s only fair.

    • Free WP account comes with 3GB. 10 members would soon use that if they are allowed to upload images (even small ones). Therefore members either have to use external photo service (e.g. Flickr) and use inline linked images, or one really do need to make members pay for it. And that is the problem in a nutshell :mrgreen:


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