Summer 2006


Kesä2006, a set on Flickr.

Testing Flickr/WordPress continues… I now try to find out how a set of images become displayed on WordPress, when shared from Flickr.


16 thoughts on “Summer 2006

  1. I never set my Flickr account up so I could post directly from Flickr to WordPress. Interesting.

    Another option that I have learned about, but haven’t used in a post yet is the WordPress shortcode for Presentations/Slideshows. Apparently you can make a slideshow and set a background image, so I tried making a mini-slideshow with only background images using the URL for a couple photos at my Flickr account. Here’s what the shortcode is like:

    [slide bgimg=][/slide]
    [slide bgimg=][/slide]

    If you try pasting cut and pasting the above in a test post, then preview it, you’ll see that it makes a little slideshow whose width fits into whatever size your content column is in your theme. However in the lower right, you can click a widget to make the slideshow expand to full size. And you can then click forward or backward.

    From the perspective of using Flickr photos, the annoying thing is getting the URL. The cut and past feature at Flickr gives you complete html, but for this you just want the url for the image itself, so you have to dig it out of the html that Flickr offers you.

    In the shortcode above, WordPress is expecting you to put the text for each slice between the opening [slide] and the closing [/slide], but since I was only interested in the background image (the bgimg attribute), I didn’t insert any text.

    • I see WordPress and/or your theme truncated the presentation shortcode in the comment. However if you want to try it, as the blog owner, you can click the link to edit my comment, and then you can copy and paste the shortcode somewhere if you’d like to give it a try.

    • Excellent 🙂 That slideshow could be a way to put up an Shoot & Tell exhibitions. What I tried to do is post a slideshow from Flickr tags view, to get it done in more easy way from here: But no success. does not allow using ‘object’ tags. There are all kinds of shortcodes for video .swf files, but no such thing for these slideshow .swf files.

      • I believe that I have a Flickr slideshow at the bottom of this post: Malabar Farm. I’m using something called Gigya shortcode to embed a Flickr slideshow as Flash object. I’m on my phone now, but when I’m back at my computer I can review how it is done.

      • Oh yes, please tell me how that is done =) Exactly what we could do with tagged Shoot & Tell pictures.

      • The only disadvantage is that many mobile devices do not support flash, so when I look at the page that I posted earlier on my Android device using Firefox or the native Android browser, I just see a dark rectangle where the slideshow should be.

      • Damn! That is no good at all 😦 Interesting challenge altogether but no point to put too much effort on this. So, maybe we should just keep things simple at Shoot & Tell and forget monthly exhibitions.

      • Perhaps it would be too much work, but another option would be to do a video slideshow of the photos in the monthly exhibition at YouTube. I believe that you can build such a slideshow directly at YouTube without using any movie making software on your PC, but I have never tried to do this. At any rate if a movie was made, it could be embedded in a blog post.

    • Indeed, besides we need to keep in mind the copyright issues all the time. It is actually more safe to use just inline linked images, even when we do have the permission for the exhibition. That is why we have always been very careful to ask who of our members at S&T actually want to participate into these exhibitions.

  2. I will have to come back to this. I’m in charge of a 3 1/2 yr old right now. She no longer takes naps and just decided to go upstairs as soon as I sat down at my pc. No rest for the weary. Although she is past the stage of doing something like eating dog food, she does get awfully rambunctious! So much for time on the pc.

    • Hello Pam =) Okay to call you Pam? I spied on your blog to find out how peeps call you.

      I’m not quite sure what inspired you to write that comment after Deb and me having rather boring technical chitchat. But I know the feeling. My wife’s 3 year old grandchild can be very exhausting =D


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