switching the browser, again…

Abandoning MyOpera community seems to change my choice of web browser as well. After latest Opera browser upgrades they stopped supporting Opera Link bookmark synchronization, which has been really important feature for me.

Now I rediscovered Chrome and Chromium, which offers that precious bookmark synchronization. Moreover, it seem to synchronize also passwords, extensions and more, just like Opera Link did. The great thing is I can see the open pages and bookmarks I have on all of my other devices (smart phone, tablet and another PC).

And for anyone else having issues with badly rendered Google fonts e.g. at Google+, then do install the following extension for Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/change-font-family-style/aabledekpjmoghdjnpnhfkfpmjifklpb?hl=en-US


9 thoughts on “switching the browser, again…

  1. Except I now have serious issues with Google+ site on Chrome for Windows XP =( Either it is caused by that very extension I installed or something else. Or maybe it is fianlly time to upgrade also the operating system on this computer… I have no problems like this at all on Android devices or at Chromium for Lubuntu Linux.

  2. I will be bit more patient with Opera. You can still import your bookmarks from Opera Link to speed dial and all of them are stored on Opera Link page. And for password you can use extension LastPass which is working on Opera,FF,Chrome,Safari and even on IE 🙂

    If you don’t believe to web password storage you can try also very good tool KeePass.

    What i miss in new version is also bookmarks bar but this feature should be back in another release 😉

    • Well, I must admit there are still many good features on Opera, and especially on their mobile browsers. Maybe I switch back when they get the bookmark synch back again.

  3. I hopped over to Firefox. With various extensions it’s pretty much like Opera 12.xx, but then I never used Link. I have got ‘wand’ side bars, full colour profile management (yes!) plus good speed-dials, better notes, address bar at the bottom (I’m weird like that), so it’s just about like using my old set-up.

    • I guess I need to give a try also for Firefox. The only problem is that their mobile browser is probably not worth to mention, yet…

      • 😯 I love the mobile Firefox browser on Android. One of my favorite features is the ability to long press a link and immediately share a page without opening the page in the browser. This is how I read the news. I go to a site with links to news articles. I long press the links of the ones that I’m interested in, and then I send the pages to Instapaper or Pocket. Afterwards I open up the mobile apps related to these services and read the articles there. I’ve also enabled Firefox Sync so I have all my bookmarks whether I am on my phone, using Lubuntu, or Windows 7.

    • I’ve signed up to Vivaldi but the blogging tools are quite limited for the moment. It’s been set up by Jon van Tetzchner (founder of Opera, who quite a couple of years ago) and I expect it might develop into a pretty good community. Bare bones at the moment though, but with a forum. It seems to be a mix between My Opera and Facebook.


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