careful with that axe

I started to use Advanced Tone Mapping script for GIMP. I discovered it actually works like so called fake HDR effects. As a result one gets ghostly aura around edges, which I call as a “grief edge” (black border) often used in death notices. So, although the amount of effect can be increased with the ‘Copies of merged layer’ setting, I strongly advice to keep it within 1 to 2.Next I will try also some other “fake HDR” scripts like this one:

One need to know the enemy in order to beat it. As some of my readers know, I’m not a great fan of any sort of HDR because it easily makes the picture look just unnatural. I have nothing against surreal, but for me HDR is more like going to the “dark side”…


5 thoughts on “careful with that axe

  1. When I use Advanced Tone Mapping, I always set the 'Copies of merged layer' to 1. If the effect isn't strong enough, I'll run the ATM script again on the topmost layer (the previous output of ATM). If I'm getting disagreeable boundary artifacts, I just erase through the disagreeable areas to allow the layer underneath (with less or none of the effect) to show through.Oftentimes I use ATM to show more detail in a dark area. I've also used Eg Shadow Recovery, but it usually results in a flat (too level) image, while ATM preserves or enhances the contrast, so the ATM result is more interesting to look at. So if all I wanted to do was show more detail in a shadowy area, I'll run ATM on the original image. Now the topmost layer is the ATM layer. I will next sink that down below the original layer. I'll add an Alpha Channel to the original (top) layer, and erase through the shadowy area to allow the more detailed, interesting area to shine through the original area. Then I'll leave the rest of the original area alone, merge all the visible layers, and export my JPG image.Oh, and when I'm erasing through a top layer, I often use the round paintbrush with the most "fuzz" (gradation of transparency) around the edge so the blend is smooth and not noticeable.

  2. Thank you very much Deb for excellent instruction :happy: This is exactly why I love social media! I just should start to visit also other peeps blogs more often :DOn the other hand, I got an idea to publish this kind of posts at Shoot & Tell, and intentionally challenge members there to share their tricks on comments :up: At best the blog should be a place where peeps work together.I try your method Deb, during this weekend. For some strange reason that did not come into my mind, to run the script multiple times, and get multiple layers to adjust. So simple and great idea :up:

    • That Deb’s comment is also imported 😉 So, very likely she does not notice your reply, Eva. I’m not sure how good idea it was to import also comments, but on the other hand there are pretty useful information on many of them,


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