Greetings from Suomenlinna

Nine new pictures from one of my favorite place, Suomenlinna. This old fortress island is just 15 minute ferry trip away from Helsinki. One can easily spend the whole day just walking around and admiring very idyllic views.

On these pictures I have used the trick I once discovered. First I did my quick and dirty edit, and then I added an extra layer set for 'Multiply' mode and 50% opacity. Then I ran 'Filters > Artistic > Photocopy'. This way I got nice dark cartoon like edges.


16 thoughts on “Greetings from Suomenlinna

  1. Abhinav, on vacation there seems to be plenty of time to photograph but no time to edit and upload them :DThank you Jill :happy:

  2. OK, I believe you :p Are you still somewhere abroad Jonathan? Or are you in Finland or back in Switzerland?

  3. i just came back, fought for a central room in the most expensive city of the world, Zรผrich, and won ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Originally posted by TrainingForUtopia:

    central room

    What is that :confused: Apartment or a work room? Nevertheless, congratulations :hat:

  5. Nice! As a land-locked person I particularly enjoyed seeing the lighthouse. I will try out your Gimp-editing suggestions.


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