Late Christmas present

It has arrived, a do it yourself photograph album. I got a coupon for this as a Christmas present from my wife's daughter Crista. The coupon was going to expire till the end of June, when I also finally got time to make this book. It was fun to do, and I just love the results.

Book arrived already last week, but yesterday I had a chance to show it to a giver of the gift. Crista liked it a lot, especially the idea of having titles in English. Hopefully one day this lovely book becomes useful also to Crista's daughter Sara, when she starts to learn words in English.


7 thoughts on “Late Christmas present

  1. This is so lovely a present. :love: I'm sure Sara will keep this book for a long long time. This lovely and special present reminds me of the picture encyclopaedia books my parents bought for me when I was little. I especially liked the one titled Encyclopaedia of the Earth. I believe that book was responsible for my interests in natural sciences. I wonder how this book will influence Sara's future interest and learning. 🙂

  2. Great! I love doing books within my photos. I have got some containing my 365 albums and of course a lot vacations books. :yes:

  3. Thank you all for commenting :happy: I really enjoyed getting this present :up: And I will surely do some more picture albums like these in the future.


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