I love butter

Inspired by Alan Robinson, I decided to try if I do. And yes, I do love butter. And as usual, scientists often spoil the fun by finding an scientific explanation for this simple phenomena:

[T]he buttercup petal’s unique bright and glossy appearance is the result of the interplay between its different layers. In particular, the strong yellow reflection responsible for the chin illumination is mainly due to the epidermal layer of the petal that reflects yellow light with an intensity that is comparable to glass.

But no matter what scientists say, I really do like butter on my bread or in my food in general. And it really is not that unhealthy as some other scientists have claimed.


20 thoughts on “I love butter

  1. Sam,on a more serious note. Have to return my smartphone to repair co as keeps rebooting :left: πŸ˜₯

  2. Me, too, Words.Sorry for the length, but I just couldn't resist:The King's BreakfastThe King askedThe Queen, andThe Queen askedThe Dairymaid:"Could we have some butter forThe Royal slice of bread?"The Queen asked the Dairymaid,The DairymaidSaid, "Certainly,I'll go and tell the cowNowBefore she goes to bed."The DairymaidShe curtsied,And went and toldThe Alderney:"Don't forget the butter forThe Royal slice of bread."The AlderneySaid sleepily:"You'd better tellHis MajestyThat many people nowadaysLike marmaladeInstead."The DairymaidSaid, "Fancy!"And went toHer Majesty.She curtsied to the Queen, andShe turned a little red:"Excuse me,Your Majesty,For taking ofThe liberty,But marmalade is tasty, ifIt's veryThicklySpread."The Queen said"Oh!:And went toHis Majesty:"Talking of the butter forThe royal slice of bread,Many peopleThink thatMarmaladeIs nicer.Would you like to try a littleMarmaladeInstead?"The King said,"Bother!"And then he said,"Oh, deary me!"The King sobbed, "Oh, deary me!"And went back to bed."Nobody,"He whimpered,"Could call meA fussy man;I only wantA little bitOf butter forMy bread!"The Queen said,"There, there!"And went toThe Dairymaid.The DairymaidSaid, "There, there!"And went to the shed.The cow said,"There, there!I didn't reallyMean it;Here's milk for his porringer,And butter for his bread."The Queen tookThe butterAnd brought it toHis Majesty;The King said,"Butter, eh?"And bounced out of bed."Nobody," he said,As he kissed herTenderly,"Nobody," he said,As he slid down the banisters,"Nobody,My darling,Could call meA fussy man -BUTI do like a little bit of butter to my bread!" β€”β€”A. A. Milne

  3. Originally posted by Daverogk:

    Have to return my smartphone to repair co as keeps rebooting

    Sad to hear :awww: I hope they get it fixed soon :up:Originally posted by Words:

    We used to do this all the time when I was kid.

    Around here this has been an unknown children game, but I make sure the kids I know will learn this :up:Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    The King's Breakfast

    Thanks dW, that is just lovely :cheers:

  4. I do not need the flower to tell you that "And yes, I do love butter." πŸ˜€ cute post, all the same!

  5. One of the fundamental principles of Jewish cooking: "It's better with butter."Or, as my dad would say, "Of course I like cold butter! You get more that way!"

  6. Originally posted by derWandersmann:

    "Of course I like cold butter! You get more that way!"

    I agree wholeheartedly πŸ˜€


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