My inner critic

I decided to illustrate my inner critic. It is a blindfolded and commercialized soft toy donkey, who has lost his tail. In other words, it really does not know a meaning of a self criticism. Either it is a pessimistic jackass, who does not see any good in anything, or just stubbornly does something without any critic.

And after all, he has just became brainwashed by all the common believes said about donkeys, which are actually very wise and cautious animal, not a stubborn or stupid as people think.

EDIT: And here what it sounds like


38 thoughts on “My inner critic

  1. how are youI guess you are fine and living good,my name is miss Sandra i came across you profile today and becomeinterested in you i we also like to know you the more if you can contactme direct on my private email ( ) i willgive you my pictures for you to know whom i am,I believe we can knoweach other from here ( ) Please mail me formore explaination and introduction

  2. If Your Online 4 the Next Half an Hour Sami I have a Surprise that You Inspired in Me from Your G8 Post "My Inner Critic" along with Eor above.I just need to Post it Up so try not 2 go anywhere..Thanks Sami. :pingu: :faint: :p

  3. Originally posted by serola:

    who does not see any good in anything,

    I see that You see the Good in others & always wanting to Help & do Good.;):angel:Originally posted by serola:

    or just stubbornly does something without any critic.

    :yes: I also shoot My Mouth off Sometimes without Thinking Before-hand & I end up Hurting Others all Because I didn't Listen to My Intuition or Inner Self 1st as I was being Pig headed :yes: Sometimes it is Wise to listen to Certain Advice that You know is True but Don't want 2 face the Truth which Leads 2 Lying to Ourselves through the Ego.:o πŸ˜‰ :wizard: :flirt: Originally posted by serola:

    he has just became brainwashed by all the common believes said about donkeys,

    So not True I The Donkeys & Horses My Favorite Animal they are so Wise & Intelligent not Stupid or Dumb at all & their Highly Intuitive & are so Kind Sensitive & Caring about the Human Soul also. Why do You think in the Shows with Horses & Donkeys they walk a Person Unconscious on its back to Safety Every Time..I'm a Natural with Horses other than When I was a Child(as Only once Ever I rode) I Rode a Horse Footless in a Near by Paddock Bear Back with just a Bridle no Saddle or stirrups when I was at School Sports Day Waiting 4 My Cross Country Event in Which I came First.;) :angel: :norris:If You haven't already seen this Movie "My Friend Flicka" You Must see it Sami: have Tissues close at Hand.:lol::cry: Originally posted by Kelisha:

    Sami I have a Surprise that You Inspired in Me from Your G8 Post "My Inner Critic"

    Here it is:

  4. Oh :no: don't do that You must listen to Your Inner Child Instead as this is the Sweet, Tender Innocent, Caring, Loving & Trusting side to You Sami that I've come 2 know & Like ;):angel:The other comes from the Same Dark Shadow as the Ego Sami You must grab a Hold & Tame it otherwise You'll just get Deceit wrong choices & Lies ther4 lead the :heart: to be Blind…Enjoy Your Lunch in the Summer Sun Sami.:D:happy::angel::star:

  5. Originally posted by Kelisha:

    Your Inner Child

    More like an old donkey :pBesides, that is one reason why I keep posting my pictures online. If I would trusts only my personal opinion, then that is not good enough.Best critic is to become noticed. If people become interested on your doings, then something has been achieved :up:

  6. Inner critic = one that gives self criticismInner child = inspiration = one that become inspired

  7. Originally Posted by Me:" Your Inner ChildOriginally Posted by Sami Serola:"More like an old donkey:cry: This has made Me very Upset & Emotional so I'll try & Answer the Best way I know how: Firstly Your Inner Child Shouldn't be an Old Donkey at all not that theirs anything wrong with that as Old Donkeys are Wise Sweet Cuddly Tender Animals & I :heart: the "Eor" sound that they Make it's Absolutely Adorable Sami.:flirt:& Secondly an Inner Child is our like Part of Us our Spirit thats still growing Inside like I escape & Re-Treat into into Mine When I need to Really Think(My Crab Shell Mask) where no1 can reach Me except 4 the 1's that I Trust Completely & this is also the Good Child Fairy, Angel where My Poetry & Fictional Writings come from also & My Intuition thats Never let Me down Yet.;):angel:So maybe You need to re get in Touch with Your Inner Child as You have an Incredible Creative Expressive Side through Your photos & You Love Music also, Maybe have some more quit time just 4 You away from Sari & loved 1's just to have Single Me Sami time to re-connect with Your Inner & I see You doing Artwork or maybe some Talent that You've Never Discovered before & maybe really Meditate as this really will put You in Touch with that Softer Intuitive Inner Side, Treat Yourself Love Yourself :heart: & Enjoy Your Weekend Sami.:happy::o:angel::star::wizard::love:

  8. Originally posted by serola:

    Inner critic = one that gives self criticism

    The essence of being human. :up:

  9. I'm really Fragile at the Moment also.;):oI am just a bit Shy with opening up about My Inner Critic as I've been Extremely HURT & had more than 1 Inner Critic as a Child as I was so Lonely & Sad I used to get Teased so much that I would sit on the Sport Oval by Myself all of Lunchtime sifting through the 3 Leaf Clovers trying to find a 4 Leaf 1 so I could make a Wish :wizard: I think I did then the kids stomped on the Clover Bush :cry:All i've Ever wanted is to be part of Something, Accepted like Felt like I Belonged & as I'm Adopted I've Never felt Complete I wish My Grandfather Bill was still Alive as I was His Favorite even though not related by Blood He was the Best He's up there pulling Strings 4 Me just to see Me Happy Yeah I just know the Dear Soul that He is(he's also a Scorpio) the rest Treat Me feel like I'm the Black Sheep & My real Biological are just so Opinionated & Jealous & they call Me Selfish (Do I seem Selfish at all to You Sami???) so I am looking for My real Biological Father Leonard Joseph Gearin's Scandinavian & Irish Routes side of My Family as I've Never Found or had any Contact with them what so Ever & I wish that I new His Mothers Surname(Maiden name) as this would Help finding them Hugely & I don't even know any of His 2 Parents(My real Grandparents 1st Names)…My point that I'm making is I think I'm Numb of My Inner Critic & just Block it out & be Stubborn it always calls Me Dumb & Uncordinated anyway so I try to Ignore it & I'm slowly Taming it as this gives Me alot of Confidence & boosts My Self-esteem also but now You can see Why I'm so Independant & I :heart: being that Way as it's always been a Part of My Nature My Inner Critic always tells Me I don't Deserve to be Spoilt & Smothered no ones going to & Help or Change us for the Better We need 2 do it within Ourselves & Focus Work Hard then Play Hard & then We can Enjoy the Fruits of our Labour I Guess like the Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.:angel:dragonfly::happy::coffee::o:smurf::sherlock::wizard:~:star:

  10. Not bad quiz at all, Qlue πŸ™‚ Actually almost anything that help us do some self reflection is good.

  11. This one has always stuck in my memory as being different than the average online quiz. :up: .

  12. Originally posted by serola:

    Inner critic = one that gives self criticism Inner child = inspiration = one that become inspired

    What are You Saying that I maybe Inspired You???

  13. Well that Old Fart Cute Cuddly Donkey Inspired Me.:lol::lol:Your A Funny Gentleman Sami Serola.:lol::sing:;)

  14. :no: :no: I only explained what they mean to me :up: For me there is a difference: inspiration is a young child, criticism is an old fart :p

  15. today,i tried many times But it is not going to uploadActually what happened isI tried to change my avatarThen automaticallyOld avatar was deleted but new avatar didnt updated

  16. Originally posted by mahesh1221:

    hello sirMy avatar is not uploadingIts saying 'bad request'Iam using opera 7 for symbian mobile.please tell the solution for that

    My Opera has been having some server problems recently. Just be patient and try again later! :up:

  17. hello sirMy avatar is not uploadingIts saying 'bad request'Iam using opera 7 for symbian mobile.please tell the solution for that

  18. Originally posted by mahesh1221:

    today,i tried many times But it is not going to upload

    you may have to try again tomorrow. Many people are having problems uploading images. :awww: .

  19. thanx for the infoSirIf you dont mind,can i know who are you sir?R u opera related authorites?

  20. Originally posted by mahesh1221:

    R u opera related authorites?

    No, we're just community members like you. :p .This problem has affected a lot of people and, to be honest, we haven't seen or heard much from the My Opera staff about it. (except a note on Twitter to say that they're aware of the issue and they're trying to fix it.)And my name is Aadil. :up:

  21. but i reported 6 fake members on operaSgunhouse visited dat 6 members profile.whats the reason behind it?

  22. then who are leevi and steve?,user names are leevi and sgunhouse respectivelyu can find them in the friendlist of sami serola.Who are they?Iam asking becoz there are opera related programs on their blogs

  23. I don't know Leevi, but I know that sgunhouse is a forum moderator. (not an employee of Opera though)The forums are most run by community members who give some of their free time to help out when people have problems. Like I said, Opera staff members have been scarce around here since the DDoS attack began a few months back. I suspect that they have been very busy trying to fix things where they can and have been working extra hard to solve the problems. (at least, I hope that's why they've been so quiet here. :left: )

  24. That's what moderators do. They have special accounts that allow them to access, edit and even delete accounts when needed. But the position of moderator is earned over time. It's a bit like an internship, you do the same job as a regular employee, but you don't get paid for it. :p .All forums usually have moderators and they are usually the oldest members of the forums who have proven track records of doing the right thing.

  25. Originally posted by mahesh1221:

    My avatar is not uploading

    It should be Working your Avatar upload now Mahesh as I just Uploaded a new Avatar of Myself & I also couldn't for Days also.:worried:& Try not to ask or Contact Leevi or other Opera Staff as their Very Busy & wouldn't have been able to tell You any differently to any one else as they also wouldn't have known the Answer of when the issue at hand would have been Rissolved + 9 times out of 10 that is not their Job as their is so many Opera Employee Positions that do so many different things to make our Favorite Social Browser Run Smoothly & they are working so very Hard thats Why they seem Scarce but they Don't have the Time to Answer everyone at once..Please Use Sami's Opera Forums LINK Above as their the Best Whenever i've had an My Opera Browser issue usually within an Hour(just depending on how Big the problem & Widespread through Opera) it's resolved πŸ˜‰ :whistle: :happy: 😎 :coffee:

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