Inspired by P2O2 (Przemysล‚aw) I shot some optical illusions. Here you see the explanations. Click the pictures to open the pictures where I experimented different tricks.

I've always been interested on optical illusions done with two dimensional pictures. When I was a child, I read old illustrated books of inventions and discoveries, which my grandpa had bought in the beginning of 20th century. There I saw some of these tricks for the first time. Then later on I got very fascinated on art by M.C.Escher, who undeniable was a master on this kind of magic. Although, history of art is full of illusions.

Two dimensional pictures can just lie more than thousand words. Concave objects may turn convex, what is up seem to be down, lines are not as long as they seem to, and colors and tone can fool the eye as well. But I will not explain all these old tricks here. Instead I give you few links to some interesting Web sites on this topic:

And more you can find via Wikipedia. My personal favorite is 'Mighty Optical Illusions' blog because there you can join the discussions. So, keep your eyes open. You never know where the optical illusions are hiding and trying to fool you ๐Ÿ˜‰


10 thoughts on “Illusions

  1. Excellent & Beautiful Array of Photos Above& Wonderful Tutorial & I've been Fascinated also by the Subject & how Optical Illusion & 2D Pics & how Concave Objects do Turn Convix & Lie to the Human Eye With Direction of Lines Colours & Tone, I've aslo Watched a few Documentaries on Art & this Subject.:spock:I also Love the Part about Your Grandpa & When You were a Small Child & How You Read Illustrated Books That He'd bought & Treasured as this just Warms My Heart as it Reminds Me Of My late Grandpa Bill(William) Mc Arthur Who I Miss Dearly & I was apparently His Favourite Grandchild.;) :rip: I also just came Online But I cannot Wait to Check out Your Links above when I get a Chance & Yet again Excellent Tutorial on 2D & Nice Photos. :sherlock: :coffee:

  2. very nice pictures and subject, Escher is a very interesting artist, i even used to have posters of his work on the wall, when i was a child ๐Ÿ™‚ :yes:

  3. Thanks Olga ๐Ÿ™‚ I suppose my ultimate goal is to be unusual. Although, it is not easy ๐Ÿ˜†


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