365 Indies and daily pictures 2012

This year I will have 366 album ๐Ÿ˜€ And as usual, I try to follow also others who have albums for daily pictures on their own accounts:

Not sure if MM, Michal, Swen and Words just continue with the same albums till 365 photos taken, but I follow the situation and try to keep this post updated :up:

EDIT: Albums updated for this year (if new started) and added link to album by Keith Bates.
EDIT: New album by Orlando added.
EDIT: Changed the title a little ๐Ÿ˜€ I have mentioned this earlier, but the idea behind this and earlier post is to collect a list of so called "365 Indies", who have became independent from a group that has the same idea. Positive side on being independent is that you are no longer bound by strict rules of groups. Negative side is that you have to be ten times more active to create some sort of community around 365 Indies.
EDIT: A blog of daily pictures by Rachel added.
EDIT: Swen started his fourth album on April 2012.
EDIT: Merle has started his second half of 2012.
EDIT: Mimi's Mum has started a new album in September.


32 thoughts on “365 Indies and daily pictures 2012

  1. Seems I'm the first to comment, Sami.I can only say; I don't know how you do it. If I had more materially I'd find I needed to be focused elsewhere.:up: But I have serious concerns for your health. I hope you get enough exercise.I, personally today, am sore myself. Two days ago I did a new set to strengthen my core that seemed like nothing at the time. :ko:

  2. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    I hope you get enough exercise.

    No need to worry. Every day I go out for a walk with dog, sometimes even twice. And I have no car, and therefore I walk a lot in general. See, the pictures are taken outside :up: ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. oh yeah, I was meaning to ask; how much does it usually snow there?I could check to see if the CIA Fact Book says anything but this is easier.the portal renders usable in OMobile. :up:I should find that book and put it on this device. :faint:Just when I thought I'd attained it all…go configger!

  4. Oh! It's Mari~time!I read somethin bout a hoarder who had a huge ball of twine he kept under a gazebo.I wanna be that gazebo, but, it's a library an all the books re bound by sinew so elastic they can slingshot themselves anywhere in the universe.Thanks, Sami, now I got sumtin fa say.ya know, I never realized Lou Costello looked so much like Jim Beloussi, or, am I backwards?

  5. Originally posted by qlue:

    There's a library like that in Ankh Morpork. :up: .

    Is that near Petra?

  6. Thanks Sami, just knowing the latitude I realized it was a little more complicated than that and your link explained it just fine. :up:now, what side of the glacier to camp on? I need a funnel full of Campbell's?Mozart was deaf but I swear, I'm not!

  7. Better yet; who's gonna fix that hole all the pot fell into? http://bit.ly/tkg2mfI don't know if that link will work but getting 97.3 percentile on my SATs didn't get me a National Merit Scholarship either.

  8. Originally posted by serola:

    Not sure if MM, Michal, Swen and Words just continue with the same albums till 365 photos taken, but I follow the situation and try to keep this post updated

    :yes: Link to my album is right :up: Thanks Sami! :happy:

  9. Thanks Paul for the tip :up: I add it here as soon as I find his account :DEDIT: And done :up:

  10. Hi Sami,A quiz for you. Are the smaller circle parts inside the gelatin bear's ears concave or convex? ๐Ÿ™‚ RegardsP.S. (added)I was too tired to see it all. It is cake tin probably or child toy to play with wet sand. There more so my question is justified. ๐Ÿ™‚ Is the face concave or convex? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Originally posted by P2O2:

    It is cake tin probably or child toy to play with wet sand.

    It is a child toy to play with wet sand :up:Originally posted by P2O2:

    Is the face concave or convex?

    The rim reveals it is concave.This week I decided to use your idea and suggestion to shoot optical illusions. Nothing special, but just ideas that has always interested me. Here's one nice Web site on this: http://www.moillusions.com/

  12. Originally posted by Kelisha:

    Can I also Join Sami?

    This is not a real group ๐Ÿ˜‰ So, anyone can join. There are just no rules, and therefore I also have my own personal qualification for the list I keep here. Just start taking pictures every day, publish them on your own albums, or on blog as Rachel does. That what it takes, no more, no less :happy:

  13. Originally posted by serola:

    So, anyone can join

    I have to be Invited By You as You put it on The 365 Indies List.:DI know how it works this Group & that's what Inspired Me to Start My Blog Photo Album "PHOTO ART" A Diary of My Creative Imagination's Best Work" that Has been posted up there almost 5 Months now.& You also sent Me an E mail Congraulating Me on My New Photo Blog Album when I 1st Posted it up late November 2011, maybe you've just Forgotten as Your a Busy Person Sami :up: & You Said welcome to 365 Indies Albums in Your E Mail to Me.

  14. Originally posted by Kelisha:

    I have to be Invited By You as You put it on The 365 Indies List.

    :no: :no: I'm only an audience, a reviewer and broadcaster :p In the same way as some people do Indie music, independent from recording companies. They just do their music and record it as they please. Then someone may broadcast them like SomaFM does here: http://somafm.com/indiepop/Therefore I can not invite anyone. People do as they please and I list what I find fitting in certain genre. And the genre here is 365 photos aka one picture per day.Some other genres can be 1-10 pictures per week, one picture per month etc. So far I have not found your albums to follow this 365 genre ๐Ÿ˜‰


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