Multiply and divide

I was asked how I did this effect. First of all you need a software that does layers (e.g. PhotoShop or GIMP).

First you may wish to remove colors aka turn the picture into black and white. That was necessary on this particular picture in order to get it toned all brown.

Next phase is to duplicate the layer. Then change the layer mode for 'Multiply'. Now we want some black 'Outlines'. On some software the 'Outline' tool gives you white outlines. Therefore you may have to 'Invert' the layer.

Finally duplicate the base layer again to get one more layer into middle. Then just change this layer mode into 'Divide', and there you have it. Finally you may want combine all layers and tint the image into brown (or what ever you like). I also recommend running something like 'Unsharp mask' to finalize the picture.


8 thoughts on “Multiply and divide

  1. Originally posted by serola:

    It is actually easy

    Once you've been through it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was contemplating how I would make a vintage/Victorian style Bellows Camera the other day and figured out that I could possibly make colour photos using a mix of x-ray film, filters and Gimp. :left: .This led me to an amazing epiphany, how to recover a lost colour layer. :hat: .I'm just waiting for permission to use the photo I tried this on and them I'll post a tutorial. :up: .

  3. Originally posted by qlue:

    I could possibly make colour photos using a mix of x-ray film

    Do you mean you are using a real film? :yikes: Looking forward to see the results ๐Ÿ™‚ Don't hesitate to post a link here once you have tutorial ready. I'm following your blog but for sake of other peeps reading this :up:

  4. Um, yes. That will be the plan. To use real film. (but I haven't done this yet)What I did though, is restore a photo that photographer took and forgot to use a flash. The result was almost no detail captured in the blue layer. :left:


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