To be published

MyOpera makes it possible to write an article in advance and then set the date and time when it should become available for public. I haven't used this feature often but yesterday I realized it would make it possible to edit articles collaboratively on groups, before the story being published.

However, I'm not sure how this works together with other social media sharing features. For example, I hope the story does not become noticed on Twitter before it is actually available.

So, this is a test to find out how it actually works. This post should come available 2011-11-07 5 PM UTC, no sooner, no later.

EDIT: Another problem maybe is that the time becomes changed when I edit the post. Therefore one may have to set the time again whenever post becomes edited.

EDIT: Tested, and the date set on first editing stays :up:


5 thoughts on “To be published

  1. The problem is that on MyOpera groups there is no option share the saved draft between anyone else. Only the author sees it. Friends is not an option because there are usually too many of them, with whom you wish not to share the post before it is ready.EDIT: Besides there's no option "friends" on groups, only "members".

  2. Damn! The post became available after all :awww: It is not seen on blog front page and so far also not 'tweeted', but available it is :down:


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