Monkey see, monkey do

 The worst enemy of creativity is the feeling that everything has been done already. So, quite often all starts to look like a repetition of old tricks. Then the solution might be to repeat a bunch of them at the same time.

However, on photo editing it is important to find out and learn what would be the best possible order to do things, to achieve the desired outcome. For example vignette is probably best added in very beginning of the process to give the whole image the same look when something else done. Sharpen on the other hand, usually should be done as a very last stage.

Lately I have played a lot with PicSay Android photo editor. It is fun way to spend time, sitting relaxed on an armchair, and play around with effects. PicSay also just got a new update, which makes it much easier to use, and also gave some new tools to try. Then combining the effect available on editor, and the post processing art filters available on camera software, it is possible to get even more interesting results.

A very nice camera mode what I have used lately is a ‘Poster mode’ available on Vignette Android camera software. It give bright “posterized” colors and sharp outlines even in very dark conditions. Then that can be used further on as a post processing material. For example ‘Comic print’ filter on Picsay makes the picture look like heavily enlarged raster image.


4 thoughts on “Monkey see, monkey do

  1. You know, if I switch to an android phone then all your work will be made obsolete. Not by me personally but by some strange law of social science. I think it has to do with the memes(you could use the word demons) that oppose my success and happiness no matter what action I choose. Where would I put an armchair. Maybe in the last 5 minutes. :rip:

  2. Is it ok if I use a lotus seat instead?I looked at my BlackBerry screen last night and couldn't believe how tiny it seemed. I can use Opera mobile now also and have access to more bells and :whistle: s.It'll still take time for me to adjust my habits as it's winter here as well, ya know. I barely have time for everyday chores let alone full blown online interaction, 24/7. :faint: Somehow, I still don't care to play that game."Here comes the sUn…"Born to be unOoOrthodox! :sing::) I should write a is MIDIplayer for comments. :monkey:


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