Daily pictures

It has become more popular to have daily picture albums on personal blogs. Currently I follow these albums:

Do notice these peeps may create a new daily pictures album either every 6 or 12 months. I also may have forgot someone and will update this list if I discover new albums or updates. I have subscribed to all of those albums I have found, to follow what new is going on.

And if you wish to create a sticky post like this, where you have your latest picture uploads displayed, then have a look at Furie's excellent tutorial.

EDIT: New list updated at http://my.opera.com/serola/blog/2012/01/02/daily-pictures-2012


40 thoughts on “Daily pictures

  1. Thanks, Sami. It is easy for me to understand why individuals would post at their own discretion. How you find time to keep track of them is truely a wonder to me. But, your comments keep me notified of some real good photography. :up:

  2. This is great. When i would have time to start some project like this :(Busy, busy and busy.. :wait:

  3. Thank you Tom, Zdenko and Richard :)Peeps, please do have a look at Swen's album. He has excellent shots there :up:

  4. It is used on MTG card game to keep record on how many lives you have left. If you get down to zero, then you definitely "die" aka out of the game you go πŸ˜†

  5. A peace of cake?Self leveling epoxy concrete?My credit rating?:cry: I've got Androids! It's slowing a little today though. πŸ˜† Gotta get to PE. :bye:

  6. I have to admit it's gotten much easier than trying to use my sister's pastels.Especially for you, Sami.;) :$ would be :yes: , of course.

  7. Just posted the last photo to 52Now you have a couple days to guess what the next one is going to be called, before I create it :p


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