Useful online tools

Have had not much to say lately ๐Ÿ˜€ But here's few very useful links for amateur photographers.

Depth of Field Calculator helps you to find out what aperture you should use to get long enough distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image. Because Depth Of Field (DOF) depends a lot on sensor (film) size as well, there's drop down list for different cameras. List is quite impressive and most amateur photographers should find their favorite DSLR on that list.

Available light photography exposure calculator gives you aperture ans speed estimate for various light conditions. That can be useful tool on your way out for shooting fireworks at night or snowy landscape on sunny day. Of course the light meters on modern cameras are pretty reliable these days and you can always take several exposures based on immediate feedback you see on camera display. However, this calculator can become handy especially when calculating extremely long exposures.

Digital Photography Review is probably well known among amateur photographers. But how many of us really read all that stuff? There are plenty of useful information on things like what ISO value and noise reduction combinations really look like when compared. I also recommend have a look on user reviews on camera models where complete DPReview is still missing. Reviews made by users may help especially when making decisions on buying a new camera.


8 thoughts on “Useful online tools

  1. I still don't have anywhere to install my cassettes! :jester: not!If I wasn't cold enough to boil my grinds twice, right now, this comment would have to wait, 'cause the "Sun's Almost Risen".

  2. After second consideration Sami, I'll have to check out the link when I get a chance. But, I'd say I'd have to get an idea from research and apply it in the field from memory because constant referral to the calculator isn't reall feasible. Sunday's rain is now 30% probable but a dust storm is predicted for Saturday. I wanna hit the road before the end of March. And, yeah, thanks! :yes:

  3. ๐Ÿ˜€ finally got around to foolwing your link, Sami. My camera's not on it. Probably due to the automatic nature of it's focus. That, btw, happens to be the most negative aspect of it. It was the only slr in Durango Walmart when I stopped there 2 years ago. Theoreticly I'm saving my pennies for a new one. BB Playbook launches April19. What a date to remember already.


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