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It has been awhile since I last posted any technical tips and tricks. So, now it's time to do something about it. My audience may have noticed I now have new Android camera phone, which I have finally learned to use. I don't mean the learning was difficult, not at all, but there were some issues I had to solve to make things works smoothly. And many of those issues are not caused by the phone. …

First problem was to find a good camera software for Android. Version 2.1 actually comes with pretty good camera software, which has one excellent feature and that is the exposure glider on camera screen. Moreover, the default camera application also has nice set of basic adjustments like saturation control that I really love the most. Now I can easily take desaturated (less colorful) pictures. However, what is missing on default camera is the manual focus.

On Android market there are also two very good camera applications that satisfy all the extra needs. 'Vignette' and '360 Camera' both gives the options missing from default camera like manual focus.

One big problem for me has been the image file size. I like to use full camera resolution in case I need to print the pictures some day. However, the full 5MP pictures are way too heavy for web use. There just is no point to upload the full photo to internet. Therefore I need to decrease the pictures before I upload them.

After long search and a lot of testing I finally found out PicSay, the most popular editing application on Android market. For some reason I did not try that at first, maybe because the advertisement of it gave wrong impression. I thought it is just for doing some fancy photo manipulation, but after testing it, I found it has most advanced set of basic editing tools. I also invested for professional version because it keeps the EXIF and gives easy option to rename the file while saving. And the most important part is that I get pictures saved in much smaller file size and more suitable for web.

The worst problem during the last month has been the uploading of photos here at MyOpera and sorting my of my 365 album, which is now almost finished. Opera Mini just keep giving me 'bad requests' while uploading pictures and sorting page has became all too heavy for over 300 pictures. Therefore I have to seek Wifi connection to get pictures uploaded and use some other browser than Opera Mini for sorting albums.

Although, I still have those upload and sort problems here at MyOpera, the photo blogging has now become much more comfortable and easier than it ever was on my old SE K800. So, altogether I do recommend experiencing photography and photo blogging on latest camera phone models. I'm sure there are also other advanced smart phones than Android phones these days. But the main thing one should kee in mind is the usability. Taking, editing and uploading images should be easy. Otherwise you just don't bother.


66 thoughts on “Photo blogging on mobile phone

  1. I will never understand why people want to use a phone to do anything but phoning. It is like eating soup with a screwdriver. When I feel like taking pictures, here comes my small compact camera (got for 50 euros), then I come home and connect it to my old rusty PC (still operational since the '90s). No problem whatsoever. Besides MyOpera failing from time to time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Well, like I tried to explain, the only problematic part actually is MyOpera. Taking pictures, editing them and upload are now even easier than it is on PC. Camera software gives me more flexibility on settings than DSLR, editing software I use is also much faster and easier to use than any software I have used on PC.The thing is that I have all in same device: camera, editor and uploader. And no need to struggle with USB cables, waiting the PC to start and software open.So, only bottle neck at the moment is the server side issues. If MyOpera on some nice day could solve them once and for all, then it could really come a pleasure to participate into photography groups like 365 and Shoot&Tell.

  3. Yes, I have some things always with me. But I don't expect my keywords or my glasses or my underpants to take pictures, edit them and upload over MyOpera. Besides, you add a CPU and some memory to your underpants and you could. :)About MyOpera failures, maybe they should put everything on a phone instead of insisting with those old school servers. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Since I have an android phone this post really interested me. I didn't even realize that I had the option of using other apps to take photos. :eyes: It wasn't clear to me whether you actually tried Vignette and/or 360 Camera.I haven't used my phone much to take photos. When I've tried in the past I'e been disappointed by the results. However touching on what Lorenzo said, I almost always have my phone with me which isn't true of my camera. So being able to take photos with the phone appeals to me.So how does the manual focus of PicSay work? Do you have to estimate the distance or is there a slider that allows you to adjust the focus analogous to a focus ring?

  5. Originally posted by debplatt:

    So how does the manual focus of PicSay work?

    PicSay is editing software. Did I explained the whole thing somewhat illogically? :left: Sorry :D'Vignette' and '360 Camera' are alternative applications for taking photographs. And yes, I have used both of them quite much. I recommend '360 Camera' because there even the freeware version takes full size images. Moreover, 'Camera 360' is more suitable for more realistic documentary photography when normal camera settings used. General advice for mobile camera photography is that forget the perfection and try the opposite! Tricks like using high ISO and desaturated colors could be used to intentionally give a rough look on pictures. Moreover, the choice of subjects is important. There is no point to shoot fine detailed items or landscapes because of limited quality. Shoot graphical objects and simple settings instead. Shoot against light. Make peculiar compositions. Go closer to objects than usual. Shoot details and approach everyday items from different point of view.Then this 'PicSay' photo editing application can be used to give the extra boost on pictures. There the basic settings are enough. Exaggerate the contrast, change the saturation, and alter the white balance.

  6. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    But I don't expect my keywords or my glasses or my underpants to take pictures

    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† What a nice ring, Sami…:)I heard that Android works very nice…:)

  7. Originally posted by Olgita:

    What a nice ring

    Celtic design :happy: Originally posted by Olgita:

    I heard that Android works very nice

    :yes: There are some issues but all the advantages are far greater than disadvantages ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. My husband and I have come to the concluding that our Android phones (manufactured by Samsung) are fairly nice, small computers :yes: and not so great phones. :no:

  9. I'm starting to need to use a search engine on my account files but I may have to see the optometrist first.

  10. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    . Besides, you add a CPU and some memory to your underpants and you could.

    Of course, the memory and the cpu are already integral parts of the phone! :up:.Basically, a mobile phone is just a computer with an integral sound card, modem and suitable software! Add a camera and you're ready to go! :up:.It always amazes me that people would want to talk on their cellphone! :whistle::p.

  11. Oh, I'm embarrassed now! :rolleyes:I still can really understand the significance of your illustration.

  12. Originally posted by debplatt:

    Android phones (manufactured by Samsung) are fairly nice, small computers and not so great phones.

    Originally posted by qlue:

    It always amazes me that people would want to talk on their cellphone!

    ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜† I use my cell phone for calls maybe twice per week. But for browsing and information seeking I use it on daily bases: reading news, checking weather, following albums here etc.Tom, it's silver ring :p

  13. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    understand why people want to use a phone to do anything but phoning.

    I've gotten several of my very favourite pictures this way. I will mail you some links. plus, it is fun to have the quickie edit features on the cell, although quality is often most compromised… but, that isn't always the ticket for me.

  14. There are some things I don't understand in life.One is people buying stuff they don't need. Like you buy an offroad/sport utility car when all you do is commuting to work or taking kids to school.The other is people doing things out of context like listening music with headphones while walking in the park. I mean, I listen to music while I am at home and when I am in the park I want to hear wind blowing and birds chirping.Same goes for mobile devices. They basically suck at EVERYTHING, they are poor photo cameras, too big as phones, too small as computers, etc. When I am "mobile", meaning I am going somewhere, either I need to be focused on the surroundings to avoid to end under a truck or I am don't want to be online. I can live without Internet for a while. When I want to get online, I can sit at my desk.It is about lifestyle I guess.

  15. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    It is about lifestyle I guess.

    Exactly :up: Some people like to read newspaper while having coffee in the morning.

  16. Yes but some things are more illogical than others. For example the other day a guy wearing a cowboy hat and driving a pick up truck was running over me while I was sitting on my scooter at the traffic light. And he wasn't Chuck Norris.

  17. Oh, listen this: one a day I was driving and I stopped at a traffic light with a car in front of me. The light became green and the car did not move. I waited then honked a bit, nothing the car did not move. The light became red again so I walked to the other car window, I knocked on the glass and the man woke up, put the gear on and drove away without even looking at me.Another day it happened again with a van but this time when I walked to the window there wasn't anybody inside, it was just parked in the middle of the road so I had to drive around it.

  18. Anyway, I think some behaviors are a bit worrying, even when they are harmless. Like seeing those people going around with headphones. It is like they want to create their own bubble while being in the middle of a crowd.

  19. Yeah, there coastal parks in Calif. where I really find those headphones annoying. Or at least the private bubble effect. You know those people that want to feel uninhibited but feel too inhibited by others. I really think your problem is caused by the preference of those people abusing stimulants, and playing roles they aren't really secure in and needing to establish their identity. Like the "avatar" effect but on the social level.

  20. Perhaps I am older than you. However I clearly remember people going around carrying boom boxes and forcing me to listen to their music when I would have preferred to listen to birds, or the wind rustling leaves.Now that they are being considerate and using headphones to listen to music, podcasts, audio books, or whatever it is, they are not troubling me at all. They are individuals expressing their own preferences.

  21. But you wanted to hear birds and leaves in the middle of the ghetto? And, note that the only reason why they are being "considerate" is that Apple wants each of them to buy his/her own IPod and listen music with their own set of earplugs. On a more serious note, an individual who travels on the subway in his/her own bubble of isolation is not expressing him/herself, he/she is refusing any contact with other individuals. Which is both not polite and worrying, on the individual and social level.

  22. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    … on the subway in his/her own bubble of isolation is not expressing him/herself, he/she is refusing any contact with other individuals.

    When in transit, I don't see that this is any different from reading a book, or a newspaper. The people who are around them are strangers, not his guests. And I have had conversations with people with headphones in public. They have a lot of options. They can pause their player, take out one ear piece, turn the music down.

  23. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    But you wanted to hear birds and leaves in the middle of the ghetto?

    Well, you live on a different continent than me, but boom boxes were everywhere. So yes, I had encountered them on hiking trails, or camp sites.

  24. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    it does not look like hiking trails.

    True enough — wrong image. :)Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    on a hiking trail would be not be "cool" but just plain stupid.

    I can't say that I see many people on hiking trails that look "cool" – during the summer such people (myself included) are usually sweaty, muddy looking creatures. Very hard to look ๐Ÿ˜Ž under such circumstances.Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    Here WAS common to talk to strangers while sitting on the train or the bus. In fact my mom talks pretty much with the whole train each time. Same goes with shop keepers, etc.

    I take our dog on walks on a fairly regular basis, and I often end up having pleasant talks with strangers. It usually starts with people asking me what breed of dog it is, or whether they can pet it, and then the conversation develops from there. On the other hand, when I am walking in bad weather and sorry to be out at all – except for the fact that it is good exercise for both the dog and me – I have put on earphones to listen to music, so the walk is not quite so unpleasant. Similarly in transit I will often come up with some way of entertaining myself or doing work. I don't see this as being as much a "bubble" as you do, and I can put down the book, or take out an earphone, to talk to others if I want to.Over here on buses you often see two teenagers listening to the same music player by each taking one earphone, giving up the stereo sound so they can both chat and listen to music at the same time. I think its cute.

  25. So you have posted the wrong image because it does not look like hiking trails. :)And yes, this is one of the few advantages of not living there, here somebody with a stereo box (including the huge battery pack) on his shoulder while on a hiking trail would be not be "cool" but just plain stupid. And probably stoned by people passing by.About "strangers" stuff, I guess despite the world is becoming all the same, it is another cultural difference. Here WAS common to talk to strangers while sitting on the train or the bus. In fact my mom talks pretty much with the whole train each time. Same goes with shop keepers, etc.

  26. Originally posted by LorenzoCelsi:

    There is a sort of "ethos" among hikers and basically you look cool when you look like somebody who lives over there instead of a city boy.

    I wan't unaware of this. That must mean that eitherI have so blended in with my environment that I am consummately :cool:, or (and more likely)I am so unaware of fashion that I am not cool at all. :awww:I enjoyed the Doonesbury comics. ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. Is my mandolin ok with either of you. 'Cause I play it almost every day. Sometimes even classical. :yikes:it's fun and I'd be ๐Ÿ˜Ž even with out it! :lol:Also, here, people most often, now, think you're strange if you talk to them in public places. And I don't even smell like skunky beer! :confused:

  28. Hmm… Which one is better? Go inside the "home bubble" and listen the music there, or take the bubble with you on the streets, or just burst the bubble on everyone's ears. One thing I hate most are people playing music very loud in their "car bubbles" so that everyone can definitely hear at least the bass :bomb: Anyway, I understood the critic is that people should concentrate only on one thing at the time. So, drive the damn car don't try to do something else! Travel in the train and don't try to do something else! Hmm… Should I then try not to have conversation with others and concentrate on traveling? :left: Which made me think all those annoying people who are having a very loud discussion on the phone and poor other passengers have nowhere else to escape than maybe listen music from headphones ๐Ÿ˜€

  29. Sami, I don't have any problem with everybody's behavior (until they don't stomp over my feet). But I see two different patterns, one is our own individual preferences or lifestyle, the other is the "models" that are proposed (I should say enforced) by marketing in multiple ways. Sometimes it looks like absolute "freedom" is exactly the same as absolute "conformism" (or I should say "control"). When I look at sites that rate new technology gadgets, besides the relatively obvious fact that they are "sponsorized" sometimes I get the impression of a control station that broadcast directives to drones.We live in an age of contradictions.

  30. I don't agree with it because conforming to "anthropological" social models is different from conforming to "invented by creative marketing" models.Let make it simple: societies are like ant nests. So there are "role models" that are somehow necessary to the proper functioning of the nest, given the evolutionary pressure from the environment. Now a smart ant comes and say "you young successful ants, look here, only the losers don't listen to an IPod while transporting crumbs up and down". Or say "yo man, look here, only losers don't look like somebody just escaped from prison while… etc".The practical result of this is not an improvement on ants life either a more efficient society, it is all about exploiting control over poor ants to draw resources from them. Because, don't forget it, the whole thing is about selling poop at diamonds price.I am not saying that we need a communist society where the State decides what needs you must have and what are unnecessary. I am saying people should be aware and informed, capable of independent thinking. Which is not the case because the system works in the opposite direction. So you are "free" to consume but you aren't "free" to decide. It is like american houses with those lawns, all the same. You aren't "free" to let grass grow over your lawn because if you don't conform your neighbors call the police. So every saturday you see family men mowing their lawn, (and then they need the lawn mower, the fertilizers, the water sprayers, etc). All this absolute conformism in a society that was made by people who lived in tents and huts in the middle of nowhere while exterminating the natives. Isn't it a contradiction?

  31. The whole society is based on proposed models. Each of us either strengthen or weaken a certain type of "acceptable behavior". What one may think as a individual lifestyle is still based on learned models. Therefore "enforced by marketing" is probably best way to describe the way how people behave. Someone who recycles, use items bought from second hand shops, saves money, and thinks environmentally, is also enforced to act like that by certain type of marketing.

  32. I remember a story of a missioner who tried to teach pagans of good deeds done by Jesus Christ. When telling about Judas, the pagans become thrilled and cheered because in their society the misleading and deceiving behavior was a norm. In society of human being it looks like this has always been a norm in a way or another.

  33. Yes, also homicides.In my perfect world everybody is a philosopher, then you can follow a philosophy or another.In real world, everybody is a successful consumer, then you can buy a brand or another.It is not that philosophers can't be consumers. Or consumers can't be philosophers. But if you want to push consuming to the maximum and your whole world is a consuming machine that cannot slow down or it would collapse, you need drones.The IT is a very good example of this. They sent people on the moon with much much less than what people have on phones to snap pictures of the waitress butt during lunch break. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. Oh, I get it. I can't win for losing. Since you're ignoring my input I'll just sit here and stare. I know, I'm too good at that. Sami, every task we pursue is actually a set of multiple actions that each had to be learned one at a time. So, even complex multi tasked actions can still be performed with a centered mind. I find music difficult to listen to while doing things because it's like a complex language in itself, communicating thoughts and emotions. Listening is like reading a book. But, don't tell me a hecht/brandy dismount off the horizontal bar didn't take centered concentration from that Taiwanese college instructor I had, inspite of the fact that it was a combination of multiple moves. It's often a matter of priorities to me. There are when being stabbed in the back and mugged do concern me, but, I often needn't assume an actual stance to be aware of the possibility and guard against it. Such concerns are what I was referring too, and prefer not to be distracted from. However, careful, getting the attention of guy standing in front of the bus exit with his earphones in. That girl in the "bikini" only wants to be seen by cool gorgous hunks, and, be careful of those guy's that know that's them too. All the same considerations are occuring online also, yet, because there's no actual physical presence and getting caught is so easy to avoid, behavior by some who would not normally be aggressive, is "virtually" violent. I find a level of parity is necessary to interact, but, often, don't put a high priority on the interaction. It's then difficult to maintain status within a clique. "How to avoid internet drive bys", there's an article in which the advice could blow a budget. Don't swallow your tongue on my files. ๐Ÿ˜†

  35. Although there's a social context to everything we do, I still think that the people around me are capable of deciding whether they want to listen to music or not. Insisting that they're not, I don't really see how you can claim that people are "capable" of self-governance. Nor do I see how any respect is being extended to these people.

  36. Tom, while you were composing your last response, I was simultaneously responding on an evil cell phone that industrialists have deluded me into thinking that I wanted through clever advertising campaigns. I won't really know what I want until I've been through re-education camp. ๐Ÿ™„

  37. And while this discussion was going on, I used my money waster to take and upload today's monkey business picture. It was a huge step for me but certainly meaningless to man kind ๐Ÿ˜†

  38. Could you inform me who, in this discussion, you are referring to, Deb?Perhaps, I should refrain from commenting until my "parchment" is far enough advanced. ( That's along way back up the canyon wall from what seems, to me, a refreshing drink, and, I might just be deluding myself. ๐Ÿ˜† :insane: ;)Have you watched tha show, "Mr Sunshine"? :lol:)

  39. I don't know. Can you record something played with your mandolin and then turn it to midi file?

  40. Not just yet, and if my learning curve is faster than my earning curve it's not worth trying. I've go a program that would transcribe melodies into tablature, but, they have to be in midi. My ear is easier, and my ability to read standard notation is somehow even on a steeper curve. :lol:Just got a book through Amazon for about 1/5 origional price! :yes: 47 songs by professionals. Most are difficult enough to be a challenge. What's the sense?You wanna see a photo of this mornings snow? :p it's a whole inch deep! ๐Ÿ˜†

  41. somehow, I just can't think of Tom as a 'conformist consumer'. :lol:.But a good question is, do motor vehicles exist that do not spew loud, offensive 'music' the instant you turn the key? :sherlock:.And can a shop do business without blasting the sidewalk with 120 decibels of noise? :rolleyes:.The average consumer can barely manage MXit on their iPhone, let alone traverse the information super highway. :lol:. People who use their 'smartphone' online are the exception rather than the rule. And I'd say the person who purchases a high powered mid and never progresses beyond MXit is the victim of 'consumerism' rather than the person who, needing internet access, purchases a device that fulfils that requirement.Lorenzo, where you live, perhaps everyone has cheap electricity and powerfull Apple Macs that are always online. But in countries like South Africa and India, that is a luxury that is simply impossible for the average person. A relatively cheap Nokia cellphone, on the other hand, provides access to the internet without having to install a nuclear power station in your backyard. :up:.If you can afford it, you can use solar power to rechare the battery. Or you can use your lead-acid accumulator, together with an inverter, for this function. And if even that is too much, just pop in to your local corner shop and for a few rand, they'll charge it for you. :up:.Not having any phone lines or cable broadband in the area is not a problem because cellphones don't use those. :up:.Just because a cellphone is not practical in your life does not mean that it is purely for 'consumer drones'. After all, you use the internet, does that make you, 'merely a consumer drone'? :left:.

  42. Originally posted by qlue:

    'conformist consumer'

    Is that someone who get's labeled a gangster, and get's in trouble because he bought the only clothing available on the racks?I've been a "tripped out Hippie" that way too!Long comment, qlue, it maybe should be separate post. I'll have to get back to it! I've got urgently pressing matters to attend after this mornings coffee! (Maybe that shouldn't even be posted even on BBcode?) :bye:

  43. Hay! I infuse!Finnished feeding my Klein Beasties those menudo mix spices and I'm ready to hit the disco!Now I got raisen's and cinnamon oatmeal workin' slower than mollasses! :coffee: ?[/u]It's Sunday and I've been forced to take a break till 9:00. :up: ๐Ÿ˜€

  44. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    Long comment, qlue, it maybe should be separate post.

    I've been thinking about it. :sherlock:.

  45. It's nice to have long comments as well ๐Ÿ˜€ Especially when they are interesting :sherlock: I agree a smartphone can actually become cheaper than buying PC, digital camera and a phone. Of course we can also argue whether we need any of them. Surely we can survive also in a log house, piss pictures in the snow, and hear news every now and then from traveling vendors occasionally passing by. Oh, and sorry being so absent lately ๐Ÿ˜ฎ A lot to do and think lately…

  46. Originally posted by Serola:

    Surely wecan survive also in a loghouse, piss pictures in thesnow, and hear newsevery now and then fromtraveling vendorsoccasionally passing by.

    Sounds like Michner.

  47. A cell phone that docks into a keypad and becomes a PC is on sale. I'm not sure who makes it or if there's more than one. I'll spare you the details about how I miss the snow. Maybe send a sight for sore eye instead. ๐Ÿ˜†

  48. Ignorance is surely bliss in this modern, troubled world! :up:.Hence the reason I haven't switched on a tv in five years. :hat:.

  49. Are you talking about Michner?"Hawaii""Alaska""Centennial"They did make a movie out of "Hawaii", I think.

  50. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    Are you talking about Michner?

    I'm not, but I know the name of the author James A. Michener. What I refer to is probably even older times. Maybe times even before Christianity when there were at least quantitatively less cultural dissemination.

  51. Sorry about the misspelling. I wouldn't have even gotten his first name right. Shoulda done a search. It seems to me that as long as mankind has walked the Earth there's been some amount of cultural dissemination. Even if it was not openly acknowleged by the host culture. Anyway in "Alaska" there's this Irish prospecter who gives up and rides down the frozen Yukon-Charlie on a bike. He takes a newspaper with him to read to settlers he hopes to meet. Talk about little dessemination! I don't know about the pictures in the snow part. You walking your dog again?

  52. html when it's allowed. It provides better controll. But bb sorta works as a 'no other choice' tool. :up:.

  53. Yeah, thing is it all changes a little with each new version and then the experimenting starts all over again. It's also not consistent from page to page. Might do some of that today. With this connection though it takes a lot of time, time I often need to take care of everyday things most take for granted. This is gonna sound gross, but, I got around to my spring shampoo yesterday, you know? What a relief!My blog must seem worse than reading the Shobogenzo! ๐Ÿ˜†

  54. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    What works better to color text, bb or html?

    bbcode is quicker and easier to write :up:

  55. Thanks! Did you make note of the underlined link though? Didn't get a chance to look up the code yet. ๐Ÿ˜† Should, right now. Why the extra work though? Ya know?


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