Play for exercise and game unites us with other animal. We play when we are just puppies but we maintain the playfulness even when we come old. Children, dogs and cats understand immediately the joy of bouncing or rolling balls. Dogs and cats maybe because of their hunter's instincts, human child maybe just because it's fun. We like to roll around any round object to see it spin and move. Movement is in our soul and guts, and it makes us go!


13 thoughts on “Game

  1. Watch out, anyway Sami, those things have a nasty way of backfiring. They caused the Boston Massacre. The crowd continued to harass the
    soldiers and began to throw snow
    balls and other small objects at the
    PS. You're write of course about the Google search. I could remember Crispus but not how how to spell Attucks right. But, I swear I wasn't looking for only goat cheese! It was a typo, even if it actually had a link or too that panned out. I know that, but, was certain I hadn't misspelled it.

  2. Games = stimulusthe brain must be stimulated. :hat:.A typo is an accidental misspelling. But we understand what you mean. :p.

  3. :insane: Oh my, although it was not just snowballs:

    Private Hugh Montgomery was struck down onto the ground by a club wielded by Richard Holmes, a local tavernkeeper. When he recovered to his feet, he fired his musket, later admitting to one of his defense attorneys that he had yelled "Damn you, fire!"

    Thanks for very interesting historical note :up:Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    You're write of course about the Google search.

    Now others must be puzzled what we are talking about… It's earlier discussion between Tom and me where we discovered how Google sometimes gives somewhat confusing notification if search words are misspelled:

    Showing results for japanese tea. Search instead for japannese tea

    The thing is Google does not blame you for typo but gives you results if no typo made. But you also get link to misspelled search in case you still want to proceed.

  4. Originally posted by qlue:

    A typo is an accidentalmisspelling. But weunderstand what youmean. .

    Oh, you get me all a thumb! You big high tech wizard you. :doh:

  5. Originally posted by Serola:

    Showing results forjapanese tea. Searchinstead for japannesetea

    Sami, I believe I had typed "Japnanese", hence the success. Yet, I've even made my own toofu.

  6. All my whoopi cushions are cracked and I still remember my white knuckles on the arms of my chair when I said enough. Do you think that was fear? :lol:I really hate being enslaved by any addiction. Such any ugly thought I am guilty of! :eyes: How you do that?!

  7. No, just campaigning fo homeless independance!All my resources are bugeted too thin to waste on violent aggression. But, I often find myself on the defensive.

  8. Not a typo, just a part of playfullness of the myoperadesigners:it is assign containers. Above the comments i read: A sign containers -luckily it is still possible to change the adjacent blog posts? ๐Ÿ˜‰ i recently found a combination " wind blowing, quiet and still" how is that supposed to happen?


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