A hook

I decided to photograph simple things. First I thought it’s a difficult challenge but then I remembered how close usability issues are to my heart. Therefore I decided to shoot everyday items that should be easy and intuitive to use.

Very likely hook is something we humans use only. And before we find much use for hooks, we must learn using number of other items first. Otherwise there is not much to hang about. But once we learn using clothes, towels, strings, tools, and all kinds of other items that can be hanged, the hook will be rather intuitive to use. Hook can be as simple as a nail on the wall or a stub of a branch.


12 thoughts on “A hook

  1. Originally posted by Sami:

    Otherwise there is not much to hang about

    :yes:we realize the value of such small things only in its absence πŸ˜›

  2. Tim Plagge's idea and especially inspired by Blackcalla's barometer πŸ˜‰ For me a barometer without scale was first not very intuitive. Therefore I started to think what kind of items then are intuitive enough. Although, it is very difficult to say what would be intuitive and what is not because we learn so quick by imitating what we see.

  3. Doors do introduce number of usability issues πŸ˜€ Often it's difficult to perceive when one is supposed to push or pull. Door knobs can be designed to give some hint on this but they still fail quite often.

  4. And the phrase "at ease" means something different to someone like me who finds sqwatting on ones haunches over flat feet rather comfortable, especially in a hot sun. (I think it's somehow genetic, but, was it the egg or the Y?)

  5. If "civilized" society gives interfaces that work against our reflexes, then there's something wrong with the usability design :pThis is also a cultural issue. For example here at MyOpera I often wonder how people from eastern hemisphere take it if I show :up: for "okay".

  6. Yeah, I always screw up on doors marked push, but have a pull type handle. I reflex even as I see the sign and pull. Reflexes are great for landing on ones feet, but, in a "civilized" society they can get one in trouble. My "fight or flight" mechanism doesn't always work as is expected by others either. I'm not so young now though and either I've gained some control, lost credibility or have finally become an object of compassion(spelt p-i-t-y). :lol:How's that grab ya for "simplicity"? I hear those lyrics again. πŸ˜† I must be sick.

  7. Sami, what a nice idea it was! I looked through all pictures of simple things! I like! πŸ™‚


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