Translate using extension for Opera 11

One feature I need quite often is some sort of a translation tool between different languages. My mother tongue is Finnish but I'm also fluent in English, and therefore I need either translations to either Finnish or English from any other language. Moreover, I prefer to get translated either part of the document or whole page. Which one is the case depends a lot from the context. Sometimes it's good to have whole page translated and in some other case it can be just a short phrase I need to get translated. …

This brings us to ultimate questions of usability and ease of usage. Good translation tool should give all you need and still be effortless to use. On Web interfaces this means the feature should be available and used within as few clicks as possible. Moreover, the translation should be opened on separate window or box because one may wish to compare the original text and translations next to each other.

Traditional approach

So far I have done the whole thing in rather cumbersome way. I keep bookmark or even tab open for Google translate. The minimum number of clicks then is somewhere around six:

  1. Select
  2. Crtl-C to copy text
  3. Switch tab
  4. Right click on Google translate Web form
  5. Paste text
  6. Click translate button

The question is if this can be done any easier. Actually Opera browser already comes with quick Babel fish translation, which you can get just on right click menu. However, there's no option for languages like Finnish.

Alternative option is to add the Google translate right into the right click menu. In short the stages are as follows:

  1. Add the following line into 'standard menu (1).ini' file under section [Hotclick Popup Menu]:
    Item, "Translate to Finnish"= Go to page, "|fi|%t"
  2. Then save the file, restart Opera, and you will find 'Translate to Finnish' on right click menu.

Just change the language code 'fi' and title into something else if not interested to get translations in Finnish 😀 But we are still not getting the translation in another tab as I would like to. So, after doing some experimentations I got pretty close to solution by writing a little different line into 'standard menu (1).ini' file:

Item, "Translate to Finnish"= Open URL in new page, "|fi|%t"

But all this can be too difficult and daunting to most users. Therefore we may need to find yet another solution. Luckily Opera has now come up with extensions, and what's more important, enough people who have been interested to develop translate extensions for Opera 11.


There are currently quite many extensions to translate text between various languages and surely this is not the first review on those. But if we keep in mind the requirements I mentioned in the beginning of this review, the alternatives become rather limited.

After testing several extensions the clear winner seem to be extension called Translator. It adds a small button on Opera 11 toolbar with all required features. On first time you may have to select the language where to translate. After doing so you get both: the original text and translation opened into small pop-up window.

Alternatively you can get the whole page translated on separate page. There is however a small bug in this extension. You need to make sure the focus actually is on the page itself and not on any possible embedded advertisements or other items displayed on the page. Otherwise you get the translation for the item in focus. Therefore you may have to click over the area of text you wish to get translated before you choose to translate the whole page. Just check the link title to make sure the correct item will become translated. If not, then just select some text on page and open the extension again.

Thanks to Sailormax for this marvelous extension :hat:


7 thoughts on “Translate using extension for Opera 11

  1. I use google translate extension !! :up:but the tip above sure would be helpful, thanks:cheers:

  2. Thanks Abhinav and sorry for the competition 😆 First I planned to write about all all translate extensions on same review but then decided to choose just this one because it really seem to do the job right.

  3. My ass is in the same place! It's even "damp here" today. Now all I need is a lighter generator and some central heating. I've already got a second cup of :coffee: on.

  4. All that experimentation and implimentation done! Now all I need is a cupboard to keep my generator in! 😆

  5. Originally posted by serola:

    sorry for the competition

    :lol:I actually forgot about that 😛


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