Art exhibition

Welcome to the art exhibition. Theme of the week is pretty much inspired by Pictures at an Exhibition. I remember being absolutely crazy about the Tomita's version long time ago. I also want to share the art we have on our walls. All too often great art is hidden to private collections. These are very likely no master pieces in common standards but for me they mean a lot.


16 thoughts on “Art exhibition

  1. You make me envy people who own smart phones that play video. :awww:How come there aren't any minstrals wandering around your gallery and only that rendering of Horus?Tomita, tomata, it's all been synthed these days but, I do not long for the days my Albatross flew crooked, just a digital camera with a mechanical shutter, aperature and lens. Oh hell! The shutter can be electronic as long as I don't have to plug it in to my arm. ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. Originally posted by Serola:

    Phantom of the Opera

    it seems I should read all the comments before I comment. I see you know my cousin, Ana, the Baptist? She's all from Brownsville on the planet Textass.

  3. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    You make me envy people who own smart phones that play video.

    Well, it was more like for PC users. I manage to play youtube videos on my SE K800 but the quality is so bad that I never bother. I just use PC.

  4. It's been cloudy for over a week and I ran down the battery doing updates. It's finally up over 13v today. I won't use it foir anything big until it's over 13.5v. That takes awhile with this larger battery, but, then it stays fairly charged. :up:

  5. Lovely exhibition. The candles do magic, don't they? :)10 hours to Christmas Day here in NZ and I've finally got the card sorted. Hope this is the right place to post

  6. Thank you very much Mimi :happy: Merry midsummer festival to you and your offline friends! :hat:


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