I decided to test some old glass filters I have. The idea is to boost the white balance settings and make the pictures look "more exotic". The best part is that I was able to achieve somewhat vintage look without any post processing, and using glass filters gives much greater control on color tones right on the spot. One option is to set the white balance for cloudy to get warmer tones, and then boost it even more with warming glass filter.


14 thoughts on “Filtered

  1. Thanks folks :)Michal, top-left picture was shot under incandescent light. But I selected daylight for white balance and used brownish warming filter. That gave rather nice tone, I think.Tom, do notice these are again all taken with mobile phone camera. So, the quality can be rather good on some camera phones.Thomas, do notice you can get rather extensive range of white balance on Olympus E-450, and use almost any color temperature you wish. So, not only the presets but anything between 2000K – 140000K.

  2. Originally posted by Serola:

    Tom, do notice these areagain all taken withmobile phone camera. So,the quality can be rathergood on some cameraphones.

    . Please be informed that this post occurs immediately following an attempt at a low light closeup with my sony that was fumbled due to the akward switch and my continued unfamiliarity of it's function under all combinations of it's functions. (Auto iso didn't use iso800!!!) Not only am I juggling tools and projects but functional application within the range of all the tools I've acquired. I'm bound to lose a little focus and not cover all bases(formats)! :insane:At least no one is hurling boulders through my roof…, yet! :insane: and my ride hasn't blown up! :insane: No wonder I find it necessary to delude myself and not worry about imaginary human constructs like heaven or hell. ๐Ÿ˜€ but, is it for my mother or for my father? ๐Ÿ˜† that's what she asked! :lol:Gassho!Beware! The walls have thermometers!

  3. I like your combination/collage! way to go w/ all of your experimenting and applying what you know.


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