Guess what?

This week I'm having picture guessing quest at my 365 album. Here are three first, and four more are coming later on during this week. Click the image and comment if you wish to join guessing what these items are. The big one on the right is already solved, so the answer can be found on comments (at 365 album).

I give time for this week to guess all daily pictures. I promise the images will come more easy day by day, and on Sunday I write answers and explanations here on my blog.


23 thoughts on “Guess what?

  1. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    hasn't the 3rd one already been answered?

    You mean this:Yes it is, and I told that already on my post ๐Ÿ˜‰ I just report what is the theme of this week because peep who follow my blog does not necessary follow my 365 album.EDIT: Oh my, new MyOpera lines the images within the text :left:

  2. This new version is pretty cool!I wonder how long before I get all the smilie code memorized?:bug: had to scroll that x but not this:dragonfly: ?

  3. Must be another BlackBerry quirk. I need a space for the graphic to show on my screen. Interesting ly enough I didn't put any on :doh::cow:Xhtml? Experimentation will be so refreshing! :rolleyes:At least its not conductivity tests on water samples. I wanted to just flunk!

  4. :confused: Am I gonna have to unsubscribe in order to clear the notice from my news?:furious:

  5. :confused: What do you mean? If you no longer wish to become noticed on what are posted here, then you have unsubscribe.

  6. Originally posted by selurus:

    I did a post similar to this but that was a piece of cake in comparison. Here is a link if you'd like to give it a guess.

    :yes: Me like these

  7. Originally posted by serola:

    What do you mean? If you no longer wish to become noticed on what are posted here, then you have unsubscribe.

    Na! I meant the list of notices on the page on my cell. I deleteeach I answer to keep track. I also should sync the graphics files. I don't have any on here.:(

  8. :jester: The menu for these things is different everywhere I bring it up!:beard: I don't remember this guy do you?:bye:

  9. I should have gotten a netbook with a flash memory drive Sami. Power consumption is leaving me drained. :ko:

  10. ๐Ÿ˜† on my cell too! It makes a big difference whether I'm plugged into the 12v or not right now. Anyway; the Great Abbot has just turned on the lights and sounded the densho. TIME TO GET TO WORK!:sst: thank you for your cooperation! I will answer all comments in due time. Now, I must go!

  11. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    The less broadband I have the more the battery is drained

    True. The weaker the signal the more power the transmitter on your device uses. I have seen articles where signal has been tried to improve with modified external antenna. That is one option. Also display uses a lot of power. So, dim the display brightness if possible.

  12. That means sit there on standby, Sami! :irked:It's a crazy kinda mixed up situation, it seems to me. The less broadband I have the more the battery is drained ; first by the antenna, then it seems the hard drive is overworked reassembling the data that arrives in a more serial manner, the way the data arrives has a tendancy to cause software to hangup where there normally are no glitches. My signal, depending on the locale, varies between 4 levels, even during one session. I think it's because of the nearby Air Force insallation. Even GPS bounces around while I'm just sitting here.


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