Widgets found and lost

On Opera 10.10 I found how useful widgets can be. I was already familiar with Google desktop gadgets, and used them for calendar, clock, news feeds etc. However, the Google desktop was quite heavy to run. Then I realized I can have almost all the same applications on Opera widgets. On Opera 10.10 they did not start via startup menu like Google desktop did, but it didn't matter because I used Opera anyway on daily bases. Therefore it was actually kind nice that I could start and close all widgets along with Opera. …

Now I have upgraded to Opera 10.50, and feel disappointed. It's not a problem to add every single widget to startup menu, and it can be very useful that they run independently. However, the following happened. Maybe because of company firewall, I can't get widgets to use Internet. They just don't connect to Internet, and I don't know the reason or how to fix it. Another problem is the size adjustment. Widgets does not seem to "remember" the last size I defined for them. The third problem is lack of support. Widget support forum looks surprisingly abandoned. I wonder why is that? Are people not yet found the widgets? Are developers lost their interest to upgrade the widgets they created?

I think there's great potentiality in Opera widgets and I hope the issues like I experienced could be solved. According to latest news, Opera downloads tripled since Microsoft started to allow European users of Windows 7 to choose a rival browser as default. As soon as people start to discover widgets, they also wish to get them work properly. Otherwise they just abandon the feature. That's what happened for me first on Google desktop when it was new. There were nothing really useful or working for a year or so. Then later on I accidentally found Google desktop again and started to use it.

Will the desktop browser landscape change?
Widgets updated with Opera 10.50


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