Using camera phone as a paint brush

For long time I have planned to use my phone's panorama camera feature creatively. The idea of panorama camera is to either take one shot using rotating lens and film, or to take several photos, and then stitch them using a software. In some devices the option to do the latter one is built-in, aka there's a software in camera that joint the images right after the separate photos are taken. …

Using separate photos for panorama gives almost unlimited possibilities to combine images. You are not limited to take just panorama photos. For example it's possible to take photos on same subject, and make a triptych:

Another option is to play with objects by changing the backgrounds and order of items:

Also traditional panorama can be made, but using different views makes it possible to build scenes that does not exists in real world:

What makes this even more exiting is the fact that software is already in the camera. Instead of using some software on PC, and using hours trying to achieve the same, you can just experiment with the camera like an artist with the paint brush.

1 March 2010 update. Found out I can also take diptych with my camera phone, which gives new wonderful possibilities like this "sidesteps":

Image stitching at Wikipedia
Panoramic photography at Wikipedia
How to Build a Panoramic Camera by Giorgio Carboni


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