MyOpera mobile phone anomalies

Here I'm collecting "anomalies" or "irregularities" on MyOpera pages, when visited using some mobile phone browser. Especially I concentrate assessing the pages using Opera Mini browser, but some of these issues are seen on any mobile phone browser. The primary purpose of this list is to keep personal record, and to remember what to follow, because there are too many other things to remember. Secondary purpose is to offer forum for others to give feedback in case there's something to specify, to give tips, or to let me know if some issue no longer exists. The third purpose is to provide help for anyone who wish to get these issues improved (MyOpera developers, other users etc.). …

[SOLVED] Quick quote does not work:

  • It got just removed.

[SOLVED] No direct access to 'Subscriptions':

  • Added to account settings.

[SOLVED] No direct access to 'Groups':

  • Fixed and added to account settings.

[SOLVED] Page layout stretched on 'mobile site view':

  • Fixed

[SOLVED] Pictures on blogs and forum posts get black background:

  • Fixed

[SOLVED] No directory at forum main page on 'desktop site view':

  • Old issue and solved on new MyOpera layout.

[SOLVED] MMS email image to album/blog does not work on mobile phone:

  • Now works better than upload to album form.

[UNSOLVED]Share this photo feature on albums can't be used:

  • On albums there's form field to copy the link and URL for images. This however, does not work on browsers like Opera Mini, because the JavaScript meant to select on click just reloads the page, and does not let the user to access the form field.
  • See example here. Use Opera Mini and try to access form fields on right margin under 'Share this photo'.

Please free welcome to post comments and tips.


19 thoughts on “MyOpera mobile phone anomalies

  1. Testing how custom smilies look on comments when using 'mobile site view'. EDIT: Looks okay, no black background displayed like for photos on articles.

  2. Just if you can confirm ๐Ÿ™‚ , in I don't see the [vote] button for the "Question of the week" pool at the bottom of the page, I tried every settings with Mini (mobile mode on/off full site on/off) but no luck,in the ChooseOpera forum there is usually another pool, and here the [vote] button is available,;)P.S. keeps hunting ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Originally posted by myeagle:

    I don't see the [vote] button for the "Question of the week" pool at the bottom of the page, I tried every settings with Mini (mobile mode on/off full site on/off) but no luck,

    There's no submit (vote) button on that form. It probably uses onclick JavaScript event that does not work on Opera Mini. So, one more thing to add on this list. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You're right, there's a lot things to remember! Pages load so slow on this thing too! I can find I've forgotten what I was doing by the time I get to where to do it. (I don't see a tag in green at the top. Is it that they only appear that way on the authors page?)

  5. Testing if line breaks work on current MyOpera.Here should be a break between paragraphs.EDIT: Works just fine ๐Ÿ™‚ However, small images have started to become misplaced like this smiley: EDIT: And explanation found for image problem. The default has changed from IMG to IMGLEFT ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  6. I does the same for right or left too and I still have no idea how it looks on your screen or exactly or how triplicate paper worked for that matter. Nor where Mr. Thompson's ex's alimoney payments got off to every 4th night. Tripicate paper, teletype ribbon, internet communication; what do they all have in common? Hurry! The clock is ticking!I gotta dry out? :drunk:

  7. Tom, if you scroll down this page at MyOpera and choose 'desktop view', and make sure you have disabled the mobile view also on OM settings, then you should see exactly the same as on desktop Opera browser.My point was that the default of image alignment used for extra smilies was changed from IMG to IMGLEFT. And this tool I'm talking about is this:, I'm a bit off-topic on my own topic :DI recommend using IMG for extra smilies to keep them inline. However, thanks to your comment Tom, I found out the IMGCENTER looks good on MyOpera mobile view because there's no annoying black background displayed.

  8. Well, I know there are differences on different browsers, but in general your test above looks somewhat similar on Opera 10.60, Opera Mini 5.1 and on Firefox 3.5.10, and it looks like this.

  9. Originally posted by Frlmnk:

    I wonder how the HTML5 will work in the new upgrade coming up?

    It maybe works just fine but it's a different thing if HTML5 brings anything useful for everyday use.

  10. I'm glad I got my point through about "imgcenter" but I don't think you quite understand nor possibly do I agree concerning emulations on particular computers. There's no way changing this emulation to desktop causes exactly what you see on your screen to appear on my phone. That's not even the case with my netbook. Also, with all the various versions of Opera there are, there are bound to be some idiosyncratic gliches occurring. That's what they set industry standards to avoid but there are still differences.

  11. Thanks Sami! And I did't have to examine it pixal by pixal to see it!I wonder how the HTML5 will work in the new upgrade coming up? I'd be able to learn it easier, if it worked in these boxes. Mudra, mantra, yantra, I would directly communicate the reward in it all if I could. What kind of network would that be, a herd or a school? And what about preyer or sacrifice? Does that sound right?….. Ad infinetum

  12. Ya mean like this?"Try to quote this on mobilephone browser."Was that possible when that comment was written?Most of the time I can't tell if it's software improvements or cell network improvements I'm needing and/or experiencing. Scrolling between here and there (right now) is more than enough challenge. (What is the date on that comment?)

  13. I can't build a toilet using it can I?Ever use a Clevis Multrum? (Forgive me if my spellin's off)

  14. Testing special characters on comments… Here we should have copyright sign: [c]What about Ä and ä


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