Testing photo blogging

Testing how upload to blog works on Opera Mini 5 beta 2, and using MyOpera's 'Add new photo' feature displayed on mobile phones.

And it seems to work just fine. The only problem is to find how to downsize the photo before posting. Otherwise I will use a lot of upload time for nothing. Uploaded images are downsized on server after upload finishes. That's why there's not much point to upload the full size image.

So far I haven't found a way to downsize the photos on my Sony Ericsson K800 phone. I guess it's just impossible. One option could be to post blog articles via MMS, because then SE K800 gives an option to downsize the photo before posting. However, using MMS to post images does not currently work at MyOpera.

UPDATE 9 Feb 2010: Alternative option is to upload the photo into album first, and then copy paste the url like done here. However, this does not work on Opera Mini, because the copy feature on album images has some JavaScript on them, which prevents the copying of code on Opera Mini.


2 thoughts on “Testing photo blogging

  1. Upload the photo then save the uploaded photo to your phone then upload the saved photo it should be alot smaller. That should work.

  2. Too complicated 😦 The idea was to upload the photo and blog post at the same time using slow mobile connection. If I use the currently available options, I'm forced to upload 2 048 x 1 536 pixel photo to server, which takes several minutes, and then I only get 640 x 480 pixel photo embedded in my blog article :awww:The problem is actually in my phone. Only when using MMS or email, I get option to downsize the image before submit. But I wish I could have software to easily downsize the images before posting them on browser. When taking the photo, I don't necessarily know yet where I'm going to use the photos for. Therefore it's always best to use highest quality setting on camera.


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