Testing embedded image

Testing if it is possible to embed images from ipernity.


And it seems to work just fine. I’ve been using ipernity photo sharing website since 2013. On January2017 ipernity also got closed, but then it became saved by ipenity members association. Now ipernity is an independent and non-commercial photo sharing community. It means the web site is owned and maintained by users of themselves. In the future ipernity allows only free trials, and subscriptions of paid accounts then goes for server and service costs only.


stairs of knowledge

stairs of knowledge

At the university I got exited by the shadows on the ceiling above stairs. I spent half of my lunch break waiting for peeps to walk on the right spot. Sometimes point and shoot technique is not good enough, and one really has to put some effort to get the right moment captured. And yet there is also a lot of luck or  more likely coincidence involved. If standing long enough in a crowded room, there will come moments when peeps form groups interesting enough.

On this post I also test what is the difference between WordPress “normal” and “picture” formats.

time to shred

shredding time
I joined the Ipernity Club. I found that almost too easy to use, and lightweight at least on PC.

And on this picture you see how many bags of shred paper one gets when getting rid of old bills and documents stored for years. My dear wife did almost a full day job going through all that stuff.

therapeutic photography

therapeutic photography

Previously I discovered a concept of ‘photo therapy’. Then I found a better one for amateur photographers, and that is ‘therapeutic photography‘, which is something like: “.. the purpose of these projects range from personal growth and insight, creative artistic statement, increased personal and social agency, as a catalyst for political or social change or community-strengthening.”